Updated: Mar 17, 2020

In my 30 years of life, I have discovered one thing. I am an artist. For many years this came through an array of different forms. Most recently in the manifestation of a dream in which many labeled my physical being a photographer. This was not accurate. I understand the mistake though as I was holding a camera at the time. Also, people were begining to share portraits I had created of them at an accelerated rate. I started to believe this label that had been gifted upon me and I too began to tell the world that I was a photographer. This was a tale I never truly believed and it was apparent through my years of hard work and free art. The problem was, and still is, that I AM NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER. I was, and always have been, an artist. The camera is simply a tool that I use to create. Had you given me a paint brush, I would have painted your face. Had you given me some paper, I would have created you a beautiful crown.

Once I came to terms with this, I began to tell myself that it was okay to go past the boundaries that photography had placed on me. I spent countless years detouring from major opportunities because I felt unworthy. I would often fall into fear and doubt on opportunities I was brave enough to face. These gloomy walls were self built and made from the fear that I had no real schooling in the matter. I believed I could never be anything great because I did not have an ounce of the knowledge, or better yet, the equipment that the big time photographers had. I did not understand then, or now, the major science behind photography. I often can't tell you what lens I am using and still feel dumb on trips to any photography equipment store. However, these days I know more than I give myself credit for and I can tell you this. I believe everybody is beautiful. I believe that when you capture a still, it has the power to make people stop and feel. However when a human face has been frozen, the typical eye will subconsciously deconstruct the face from its own human conditioning. When this is a photograph of yourself, the subconscious sometimes has the audacity to question your beauty. I have seen countless loved ones fall victim to this. That still image does not reflect the soul you have seen smiling back through the looking glass. Something about the lack of motion in an photograph of our face often helps us discover “flaw”. This is where the all to casual trend of over editing and face-tuned toons come to play. I fear for the world that too many have gotten their hands on easy access manipulation tools and have started to label themselves photographers or even artist. Perhaps buying Photoshop should require the same background check as having an assault rifle. I suppose that would still mean that anyone could abuse it and use it despite the fact that they are not a licensed protector or ARTIST. #GUNCONTROL

I am an artist. I have the ability to show the stars in the way the world believes they want to see them. I Also believe EVEYONE IS A STAR. This is not a title I hold for celebrities. I have met many of those that shine far less bright than my friends and family who have chosen journeys away from the spot light. I have the ability to show true beauty behind insecurities and frustrations. As an artist, different rules are created for different beauties and I CREATE THOSE RULES. I will never apply the same rules to two different faces as they are not the same and never will be.

No bullshit. I am a friend and spiritual healer. If you trust me, I will show you to the world through an artist eye. Should you be in the market for an artist I might be your guy. However, if you come to me you must know one thing... I am not a photographer.

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