Throughout my life I have repeated the phrase, "Oprah will casually be in my life." I once had a vision that a photograph I had taken of her was on the cover of a beautiful coffee table book. This dream has always made me feel secure as an artist, for no matter where I am today, one day, this just may be. I was even contacted by "O MAGAZINE" once to inquire about the use of my photos. These small alignments never go unnoticed by me.

I am unsure where this Oprah dream comes from, however, I do know that I religiously watched "The Oprah Winfrey Show" every day after school during my teen years. She was, and still is, spreading her knowledge of love, life, and happiness to all. She was also doing this during a time of hate, inequality, and backwards thinking programs that were being forced down our throat at every cost. They call it "TV programming" because it programs your mind.

I know there are those out there that will NOW point out how we are STILL living in hate, inequality, and backwards thinking programs. This is true. There is a world out there that for some reason has not woken up. There is a world out there that for some reason still contains beings that believe they are more superior than other beings. There is a world out there that has white men, with no education, rooting for anything that makes them feel like they are ENOUGH. I know this. You know this. I move forward as I always do.

I return to the topic at hand. The Oprah Winfrey Show was doing this during a time the world needed it the most. She has a rare ability to give deep lessons through snackable wisdom that we all crave and need. What it about her though that makes me feel the way I do? Is it her fame? Surely not, for these days I realize the most famous of people need not be along my path unless they are in true alignment with all that I am. I NOW know that growing up I felt safe while in her bubble because I believed in her world. I still do. Her world is kind, loving, forgiving, and abundant. Droves of people wrote to this woman's show for over two decades in search of some form of love or relief. I'm sure many wanted a quick hand out but I hope that most were simply thanking you, Oprah. It is easy to get lost in the "YOU GET A CAR" madness when thinking about this strong woman. How nice it would be to have these surprise gifts in our life.

What has recently dawned on me is that the love of Oprah is, in fact, ALL AROUND and most dominant in my reality. I have had an outside entity give me a surprise gift. I have had an outside entity magically appear and sweep up my mess. I have had an outside entity share their abundance with me, in secret, without expecting a thought in return. I have had an outside entity love me without judgment of my past failures and guide me towards a better tomorrow. It does not go unnoticed by me that I have casually said "I will know Oprah," when I now see, I've always known her.

Fear not my friends, for although it seems the dark knight has taken over your world, I simply ask you to look around. Do you see the beings that believe the way you do? I promise they are there. Allow those that love you for all that you are to quickly come into focus. Notice those that clap for your baby steps no matter where they are along their own journey. Give power to those that stand for what they believe in and give no energy to that in which they are against. WE must spread love through our actions and give knowledge through our deeds. How fun it is to be the Oprah energy.

I implore you now to make a choice and believe. It is of the utmost importance that you do. Choose to believe that we are creating a world in which everyone can find their tribe. Choose to believe that we are creating a world in which everyone KNOWS that BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. Choose to create a world that judges no race, religion, background, sexual orientation, gender, failure, past-self, mistake, belief, or any factor whatsoever. There are those out there that DON'T need others to be like them in order to feel enough. Yes, there will be humans that want to believe that they are better than you, me, or anything they see. You may even do this at times but I believe you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

The truth is we can no longer give power to the cancerous hate that is flowing deep on the flip side of earth's coin. When we nourish love, it will grow. Do you not see that this beautiful black woman began training an AMAZING ARMY long ago. We have been in her school of life since 1986. Perhaps this was in devign allginment to fight the great fight before us today! You have been so blessed to have her energy flowing through your friends and loved ones for most of your life, whether you realize it or not. Decades of faithful viewers are alive and living on this planet. This is a mighty strong army. SPREAD THE KNOWLEDGE and GAIN MORE VIEWS. Together we stand. Together we believe. I believe in magic, and I believe in you.

BE THE OPRAH, whether in secret, OR OUT LOUD! #OprahArmy

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